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Congratulations for taking your first step toward complete wellness by visiting my website! Body Health & Wellness Center (BH&WC) has been in existence since 2004.  BH&WC started out as a personal training business.  As a personal trainer,  Dr. Jungsten began to realize there was a connection with physical health and behavioral health.  To efficiently meet the needs of her clients, Dr. Jungsten became certified as a wellness coach in 2012. Today, BH&WC has evolved  into a full health and wellness integrated care practice that specializes in obesity, managing chronic disease through physical activity and nutritional intervention, while working with the client's medical practitioner. In addition, Dr. Jungsten incorporates relational coaching to help with psychological factors that often contributes to a persons physical and behavioral issue.  The vision of BH&WC is to act as a partner with you from an integrated approach, to provide a whole-body client care approach for your complete wellness.  Life is hard, but guess what...Keep breathing and you will eventually inhale all the goodness it has to offer.

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